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It's goin' down - and as loyal digyoo followers you are the first to know!

A BRIEF HISTORY - The digyoo app is an extremely complicated mobile app innovation that has been six and a half years in the making. The development has been a huge undertaking with many hurdles and with m
ore likely to come - but the time is NOW!

SO HOW DOES digyoo WORK?  - Our app tells you what girls and guys want to instantly meet you when in the Morristown Nightlife scene - it's the end of Nightlife Approach Anxiety and Rejection. The app has profiles of people who are there and within 4,000 feet of you - distance away in feet will show on each profile.

Swipe the profiles of people you like and when there is a "mutual like" messaging becomes available. So reach out! Your match is just feet away so decide on a location to meet and see if sparks fly! If they don't, just check out the other matches you got! 5, 6. 7 or more matches a night? Maybe, and all mutual.

FREE messaging for the first 21 matches and then after that it's only $.99 cents for each match that you want to message. It's going to be lit!

With that in mind we ask for your help - see below - as we proudly announce our SOFT LAUNCH! What does that mean? We are LIVE in Morristown NOW for the first time!


Look for our 12 "digyoo Soldiers" who will be in the scene, patrolling the streets and the bars and signing up new users this weekend and the weekends to follow. See photos here of the Soldier shirt:







Come say hello to our Soldiers and ask for me! My name is Frank and I am the Founder. I am anxious to meet you all and hear your feedback!


1. It is likely that the amount of users will be nominal at the start but we know that the amount of live users will grow week-by-week as the word spreads. This will result in more and more matches for all of you every week. The first way you can help is by spreading the LOVE! - tell your friends and post about us on social media. Let's make this go VIRAL!

2. If you come across any initial bugs, which is likely with all new apps, please use the HELP button on the app and let us know. We want to make sure the app is working as smoothly as possible. You will see that week by week the app will improve, features will be added and it’s use will become seamless. At that point we will set a date for our big LAUNCH which I guarantee you will not want to miss!

Here are our App Store links where you can download digyoo NOW and be ready to go when you arrive:

Android - The digyoo app on Google Playstore -

iPhone - The digyoo app on Apple Store -

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding as we make digyoo the new and best way to instantly meet people that want to meet you when in the scene!


Follow us on Instagram @digyoo2022

See you on the weekends in Morristown


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