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Launching soon on College Campuses, in busy Nightlife Districts and at Festival/Concert venues

digyoo will tell you who wants to instantly meet you on a College Campus, in a busy Nightlife District or at a Festival or Concert. It's the end of Approach Anxiety and Rejection!

Create a profile and then swipe on profiles of people on the app that you like and who are there when you are. Profiles will ONLY show people who are within 4,000 feet of you. The feet distance away will show on the profile of all people who have the app - on your College Campus, in a Nightlife District or at a Festival/Concert. Once there is a match you can send a message and instantly meet - if you so choose. Don't click with the first person you meet? Then message and meet the other 5, 6, 7 matches you got - but maybe not at the same time! FREE for the first 21 matches and then after that it's just $.99cents for each match that you want to message.

How is this different than any other dating site?

With internet dating, you finally set up a date only to find out the person is extremely different in person – older/heavier/photo filters have misled etc. – it’s dating false advertising! You have also wasted weeks corresponding with messages/texts/phone calls that resulted in a non-match. That’s why in a lot of cases you still see people on these sites month after month, year after year. It just takes too much time between match and meet up. This won’t happen with digyoo.

Presently, let's say you see someone that you are attracted to on your college campus, in a busy Nightlife District or at a Festival or Concert. You want to approach, but fear sets in, and your heart starts racing! You garner the courage to approach and then BOOM! - you find out they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, they are engaged or married, they are gay and you are straight, you are gay and they are straight or WORST OF ALL - they just have no interest in you!

digyoo solves two problems -

1. digyoo eliminates the time between an internet match and meeting that person because the person is right there where you are

2. digyoo eliminates approach anxiety as you have answers before "the Approach”


Let’s take the example of Connor, who is a just-turned-21-year-old college student at Drew University in NJ.

Connor heads to the happening Morristown Nightlife District minutes from campus on a Friday night - digyoo has launched in this District. There are 24 packed bar/pubs in a seven and a half block radius. He starts at the Iron Bar. He opens up the digyoo app, which shows everyone in that bar with the app on and everyone that is at the other adjoining 23 bars – e.g. within 4,000 feet of your location. The app also has basic info about the person, including pictures. At least one close-up face and full body picture is a requirement of the app. All pictures get reviewed and must be tasteful and classy, or they will be rejected. So Connor grabs a beer and starts swiping the app profiles of girls in the Nightlife District. When he likes someone he swipes right and when girls in the District like his profile they swipe right on his profile. When there is a mutual match Connor gets a ringtone text saying he has his first match of the night and she is actually at his location! Connor then sends a message “where are you?” His match Emma replies, “Come over and say hi, I’m at the end of the bar by the DJ booth.” Boom! – potential connection ensues. Don’t like Emma?? Excuse yourself and turn on the app for others at the bar and in the Nightlife District like a cute girl down the street at the Famished Frog who just mutually matched with you as you were chatting up Emma. Two, three, four, five, six, seven dates in one night? Maybe, and all mutual!

FREE for the first 21 matches and then after that it's $.99cents for each match that you want to message.

Download digyoo and create your profile NOW!

Follow digyoo2022 on Instagram to keep up on the College Campuses, Nightlife Districts and Festivals and Concerts where we are launching and where we will be LIVE!


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